AGBU’s newest destination for a summer of professional development and discovery is Moscow, a global hub of trade, commerce, diplomacy, and innovation. Students participating in the Moscow Summer Internship Program will join a network of students and young professionals living in the largest Armenian diasporan community in the world and have the advantage of connecting with local Russian Armenian professionals who are a driving force in the revitalization of this major world capital.

Moscow is a buzzing metropolis that is a vital force in the international markets and world politics, and it offers a wide range of internships and activities for students of all backgrounds. Networking in this important global city, participants will benefit from strong professional contacts and a challenging and rewarding immersion in Russian culture. Employers around the world consistently seek young, driven professionals with diverse experiences, and an internship in Moscow surely sets our AGBU interns apart in today’s competitive job market.

Internships are available in both Russian and international companies in the fields of journalism, law, international ventures, finance, investment banking, NGOs, research and more. Over the past two years, participants have interned at such companies as the Association of Russian Banks, CigarClan magazine, Credit Reforms RUS Firm, Dilidjan International High School, Henderson & Hayas Fashion, MediaCrat Publishing House, the Moscow Times, Monitor Consulting Group, Russian Research Center for Surgery, SKOLKOVO School of Management, Uspenskiy Rally Technica, Central Partnership Digital, and Troika Dialog Investment Bank.

Although knowledge of Russian is helpful, it is NOT required, as participants will be placed in English-language work environments.


Moscow is Russia’s principal magnet for foreign investment and business presence and is increasingly important as a world economic and business center. It is the nation’s seat of power and home to over half of the country’s banks, representative offices of major Russian companies, and leading world corporations. Situated alongside the winding Moskva River, Moscow is Europe’s largest metropolis and has served as the capital of a progression of Russian states since the Middle Ages, making it one of the most historically significant locations in Europe.

Moscow is home to such famous landmarks as the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral located in the Red Square. It also hosts a sea of stunning parks and gardens, which invite locals and tourists alike to enjoy views of the city, cafés, theme rides, and local culture. Some of the most notable of these outdoor treasures are Gorky Park, Victory Park, Vorobyovy Gory, and the Patriarshiye Ponds.


Moscow has a vibrant nightlife, with an exciting variety of clubs, restaurants, and bars. As a major world city it is also host to festivals, premieres, and gallery openings throughout the year. On warm summer evenings, outdoor cafés are buzzing with young professionals and visitors, whether on the banks of the Moskva River, in the Red Square or along the cobblestoned streets of Old Arbat.

Arts & Culture

Moscow is rich with countless museums, historic estates, and art galleries to tour and explore. Museums like the Tretyakov State Gallery and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts rival their equals in New York, London, and Paris and display collections ranging from ancient Greek and Roman art to works of the European Old Masters and modern art. At the same time, the State Historical Museum and the Old Tretyakov gallery offer visitors a unique view of the classic Russian tradition, from rare originals of early Russian icon painters to famous pre-Revolutionary masters. The Kremlin Armory contains relics from the Tsar’s treasury, weapons, the famous Fabergé Eggs, and the Imperial Crown Jewels of Russia. Some of the other must-sees are the beautiful Red Square where you can also visit Lenin’s Mausoleum and just down the river, the majestic Cathedral of Christ the Savior with its gold-plated domes. If you are interested in something new, the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture has a full menu of cutting-edge fare that will appeal to any cultural cosmopolitan.

The city is also a thriving center of music, ballet, theater, and film. The world-renowned Bolshoi Theater is the most famous of Moscow’s many theaters. The repertory of a typical season includes classical works such as Swan Lake alongside modern interpretations, both operatic and theatrical. The Maly, Art, Vakhtangov, and Taganka theaters stage classical plays by Chekhov, Shakespeare,  and Ibsen as well as avant-garde works by modern Russian and international playwrights. The Rossiia Concert Hall is one of Moscow’s premier and most prestigious concert venues, featuring performances by popular Russian stars, as well as a host of television and film award ceremonies.


During the Program, interns live together in the dormitories of one of Russia’s prominent city universities. The dorms are located near the subway and are only a short ride away from the city center, Red Square, major museums, theaters, and parks. Living at the dorms allows interns to spend time with one another as well as meet other international students studying and working in Moscow, adding to the networking element of the Program.
For more information about housing accommodations, please click here.


The city’s most popular forms of public transportation are the subway, buses, and minibuses (known as marshutkas). Taxis in Moscow are rather expensive, ranging anywhere from $15 to $50 per fare. The Moscow Metro was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union and has been serving the capital since 1932. With 182 active stations, it currently carries over seven million daily commuters. Local AGBU Young Professionals and Program staff will help the interns navigate the Metro throughout the summer.


Discovering a dynamic city like Moscow through a range of activities throughout the summer sets the stage for excitement and bonding between new friends from around the world.  Interns engage in introductory Russian language and Armenian folk dance classes, along with lectures and meetings with local community leaders..

Sightseeing in the Russian capital includes visits to the Red Square and Kremlin, Tretyakov Art Gallery, Victory Park, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Tsaritsino Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral, a boat tour on the Moscow River and day trips to the picturesque historic towns along the Golden Ring. In addition, immersing in the daily life of the locals and uncovering the many parks, restaurants, and cafés as a group is a daily activity for the participants.

One of the highlights of the summer is the journey on an overnight train for a four-day tour of St. Petersburg, the imperial and cultural capital of Russia, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Famous for its legendary Hermitage Museum, onion-domed churches, historic palaces, and summer gardens, St. Petersburg is truly an once in a lifetime experience.

The Moscow Program is a multicultural experience that pairs invaluable international work experience with the study of a country that has a unique cultural and political significance in global current events and Armenian history.