New York


Since 1987, New York has hosted the longest-running AGBU Summer Internship Program, welcoming hundreds of participants from all over the world. With a sea of opportunities available in the fields of finance, law, medicine, marketing, technology, journalism, the arts, fashion, and international relations, the possibilities for internships are endless in the Big Apple. In addition to work experiences, New York is also the ideal venue for networking with young professionals in the Armenian community and beyond.

With a long-standing reputation among top-rated host institutions, the New York Summer Internship Program is able to place interns in highly competitive companies throughout the city. Past host institutions have included Merrill Lynch, Columbia University Medical Center, Christie’s, Ismael Leyva Architects, New York 1 News, Prudential Douglas Elliman, Telegraph UK, Rothschild, Mirrorball, Urban Designers, Massey Knakal, and hundreds of others.

Most recently, with the culture of the business world constantly evolving, the Program has also seen a surge of placements in successful start-up companies in various industries. New York offers every opportunity for young, eager, and driven students to take the first steps into the professional world.

Due to recent changes and challenges in U.S. Immigration, the AGBU has established a new track for international applicants to our New York Program: the AGBU Global Armenian Leaders Program (GALP) in New York.

All participants of NYSIP are required to have proper documentation allowing an internship in the U.S.

For more information about GALP, please call AGBU NYSIP Staff at (212) 319-6383.


New York City, with its buzzing streets and rich history, is often considered the cultural, media, and financial epicenter of the world. The world-famous city serves as an important hub for the fields of business, technology, internet, media, fashion, art, entertainment, education, science, medicine, and many others. It is the home of The United Nations Headquarters, the New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ, as well many world famous landmarks, universities, tourist attractions, and museums. With American symbols as strong as the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, and so many more, New York is an unforgettable metropolis of opportunity and wonder.


The nightlife in New York City is unlike any other place in the world, from fine dining and nightclubs, to live entertainment venues and street performers, virtually every famous performer stops in New York City during their tours. It would be impossible to explore every aspect of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ during an entire lifetime, but AGBU participants are sure to find themselves alongside residents and other tourists experiencing international cuisine, karaoke clubs, historic pubs, famous dance clubs, and some of the world’s finest entertainment venues for live music, comedy, and sporting events.

Arts & Culture

Modern American culture was unquestionably shaped in part by the arts in New York City where some of the world’s most famous museums are within walking distance of one another. Attractions such as the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum, and worldfamous galleries can all be found a short subway ride away from Broadway shows, Lincoln Center, and shows on Bleecker Street. Even a simple walk down the street introduces diverse architecture and an opportunity to discover hidden cultural gems.


New York Program participants reside in dorm rooms at the New York University Dormitories located in the beautiful and unique Greenwich Village neighborhood. Often called simply “The Village” the area is known as a magnet for cultural and business innovation.

Living together in the dorms lends itself to continued bonding and AGBU interns often spend nights together discussing the events of the day, their internships, and the countless evening activities experienced during the Program.

The NYU Dormitories are in a central location of downtown Manhattan, just a short subway ride from most Manhattan neighborhoods, including Soho, Chelsea, the Financial District, midtown Manhattan, and other adjacent areas, like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Long Island City, Queens.

For more information on housing accommodations, please click here.


Most residents and tourists in New York City travel by subway, bus, or good old-fashioned walking, which is one of the best and healthiest ways to explore the city. Taxi cabs are expensive, but no visit to New York City would be complete without at least a few rides in the iconic yellow cabs. The extensive subway and bus systems are affordable and easily accessible. AGBU staff will introduce the interns to the transportation system and help guide them with its navigation.


The Program features a bevy of exciting supplemental cultural, educational, and social activities such as career building lectures and workshops with some of New York City’s top professionals, Armenian events such as a lesson in Armenian Dance with the AGBU Antranig Dance Ensemble and informative seminars on Armenian art and history. Interns also take part in a community service project with the Armenian Home for the aged giving them a chance to work together to give back to the local community. Naturally, taking advantage of the large population of young Armenian in New York, participants also have the benefit of enjoying several social and networking events such as AGBU-sponsored mixers throughout the summer.

Unique to the New York Program, is a summer-long Mentorship Program sponsored by AGBU’s Young Professionals of Greater New York, where interns are paired with local professionals in their field of interest. Mentors often become friends and future work contacts for interns as they continue to pursue their career goals.

The tourism aspects of New York are world-renowned and AGBU organizes additional social outings for interns to explore the city in the evenings and on weekends.


We believe all aspiring Armenian entrepreneurs have what it takes to start and lead successful businesses in the global economy. In the new AGBU NYSIP Start-Up Incubator Program, we allow one student who wants to establish or join a start-up company to do so in a structured internship setting.

The Incubator Intern will have one Main Advisor and Board of Directors who will help guide the growth of the start-up over the 8-week internship.


AGBU Summer Internship Program Criteria

Key Stages

  1. Submit application
  2. Selection
  3. Submit finalized start-up OR secure start-up internship
  4. Begin incubator internship
  5. Deliver mid-summer pitch
  6. Deliver final pitch pitch 


New York: June 17 – August 11 (8 weeks)

  • NYSIP 2018 Application Deadline: Priority – November 1, 2017 Final – December 1, 2017 Arrival day: Sunday, June 17 First day of work: Tuesday, June 19 Last day of work: Friday, August 10 Departure day: Saturday, August 11