Placement Procedure

Leveraging the vast, expansive AGBU and Armenian networks of the local cities, AGBU interns are placed at top institutions and start-up companies in our program cities. The Program strives to find a mutually beneficial relationship between participants and supervisors, and the Program Coordinators work diligently to secure a compatible placement.

Shortly upon acceptance and enrollment to the Program, AGBU staff will connect with participants by telephone to conduct a detailed interview and gain a comprehensive idea of the interns’ field of interest. The Program Coordinators will then begin to contact supervisors to solicit placement to find the best internship fit for each intern based on individual background, experience, and achievement. This process may take time and continued communication between Program Coordinators and interns. Participants should be readily available via telephone and email throughout this crucial period. Once a potential connection is made with a supervisor, a series of in-person or telephone interviews may follow to ensure a good fit for each intern. We expect the participant to be in constant communication with the Coordinator to secure placement in the most efficient way.

While our staff works diligently to connect participants with internship opportunities throughout the AGBU network, participants are encouraged to pursue their own placements throughout their own university and personal networks, with the guidance of Program Coordinators if preferred.

Applicants who may have already secured an internship in one of our host cities through their own networks are encouraged to apply and participate in the Program.
In such instances, proof of offer and acceptance would be required.