Summer Experience

It is essential to begin a professional career with strong training and internship placements, but it is equally important to gain guidance and insights by mentors and career development specialists as early as possible to empower students in every capacity.  The AGBU Summer Internship Program offers all this and more in five exciting cities.

After an orientation session upon arrival, interns will begin their journey – Discovering a new city with new friends. Spending a summer with 15-30 like-minded peers from all over the world is the best way to foster new friendships. To date, interns have hailed from across the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Armenia, the Middle East, and Australia. A ‘melting pot’ of young Armenians means a multicultural experience whether the summer is spent in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, New York or Yerevan. These fellow interns undoubtedly become lifelong friends and eventually work contacts in a greater professional network.

A typical day for interns begins working in their field placement followed by one of the many supplemental events – lectures, workshops, presentations or social events. Afterwards, participants find ways to socialize as they dine together and uncover local nightlife. Weekends are filled with excursions, tours, and free time to discover their chosen city.

By the end of the Program, interns are left with honed work skills and a new list of friends and contacts. It is a truly a once-in-a-lifetime summer.