Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any cost associated with taking on an AGBU intern?

Participants of the AGBU Summer Internship Program sign up for a summer of unpaid work experience. There are no additional administrative fees on the part of the company. As such, there is no cost involved in participating as a host institution and taking on an AGBU intern.

2. Are supervisors obligated to take an intern once contact with the office has been made?

Absolutely not. Once AGBU gathers information about the company’s staffing needs, each potential supervisor will receive resumes for appropriate students, all of whom are available for interview. There is never any obligation to take an intern at any point.

3. When are interns required to work?

Interns are required to work full time, 9-5, Monday through Friday for the duration of the Program. (In New York, 8 weeks starting on June 17 – August 9; in Yerevan, 6 weeks starting on June 23).

4. Can supervisors hire more than one intern?

Absolutely! Many companies take two interns from the Program each summer, and some even take on more depending on the company’s needs and the qualifications and interests of the interns.

5. Are AGBU interns undergraduate or graduate students?

AGBU takes both undergraduate and graduate students. Most of the AGBU interns are undergraduate students attending some of the world’s top institutions.

6. How does one contact the Program Coordinator for more specific questions?

Program Coordinators are available throughout the year to help in any way possible and routinely check with supervisors throughout the summer to be sure that everything is in order. For inquiries prior to the summer season, contact the AGBU Central Office in Manhattan at 212-319-6383, or email

7. Will AGBU assist supervisors with security clearances required by certain companies prior to an intern’s arrival for the summer?

AGBU staff members are always available to help supervisors and interns meet guidelines for security clearances including paperwork, medical testing, and any other requests.

8. What are the dates scheduled for the interns to begin and end their internships?

Taking into account our orientation schedule the following are the Program dates for 2014:

  • New York: June 17 – August 8
  • Yerevan: June 23 – August 1